Our Dairy Farm

Our company is majority owner of the Szarvasi Agrota dairy farm where about 1250 heads of herdbook registered Holstein cattles are kept for milk production.

Animals total number: 1250 heads, the cattle are Holstein Friesian breed, the animals are registered in the Holstein Friesian Herd Book.

Cows number: approximate 635 heads ( average in a year ) , from this 510 – 530 heads in milking ( average in a year ) , Heifers: appr. 600 heads from the birth till pregnant heifers. We use only artifical insemination in the age between 16-18 months, Bulls: The farm is selling the bulls 1-2 weeks after the birth.

The average milk production of the farm was in the year 2014 : 10.000 liter / cow in 305 days (cows in milk) , Somatic cell number: between 380.000 and 430.000 ( average in a year ) , Average lactation of the cows: 2,6 lactation / cow

Stables / Buildings: The farm is separated in two parts: First part – the dairy farm: here are the cows, young heifers till 6 months, high pregnant heifers, from 7 month pregnancy. There are smaller and bigger cow barns, a cow barn for calving, a milking house, silo areas, an office and storage for dry and liquid manure, Second part – farm for the heifers: situated 5 km from the dairy farm, here are the heifers from 6 months till 7 month pregnant heifers. There are smaller cow barns, silo areas, storages for manure.