About us

The predecessor of our company was established in 1987 to perform foreign trading and development tasks for the Hungarian animal breeders. In the past fifteen years we sold about 50.000 breeding cattle. Today our most important activity is trading with breeding animals inside and outside the European Community.

Yearly we sell approximately:
– 6.000 pregnant breeding heifers
– 2.000 breeding sows
– progeny tested and young breeding bulls
– young breeding boars

The majority of our sold animals usually are Hungarian and German descendants. The most of the sold animals, about 80% are Holstein Friesian, the rest are Limousin, Charolais, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus.

Above this we:

– sell cattle, swine and sheep for slaughter and for fattening and
– transport livestock with own vehicles

We have two commercial cattle farms in the center of Hungary, where we keep about 1.200 heads of breeding animals. Most of them are purebred herdbook registered Holstein Friesian open and pregnant heifers, and we have about 250 heads of purebred herdbook registered Limousin cattles.

Our head office is situated near to Budapest in Hungary. Our company is majority owner of the Szarvasi Agrota dairy farm where about 1250 heads of herdbook registered Holstein cattles are kept for milk production.
What the key factor in our revenue, cattle export concerns, our most important partners are in Russia, Arabian countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Balkan countries, Turkey and in Hungary.